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Monday, October 2, 2017

Afterschool Drama Club

It's no secret that I am a drama geek. I was bitten years ago when I was encouraged to audition for the Winters Theater Company and performed in the play Let's Murder Marcia. I LOVED IT! Even before that I taught drama explicitly in Expressions when class sizes were much lower (18-20) then they are now. Some favorite plays students performed include Romeo and Juliet, Pirates of Penzance and Grease. Now that class sizes are at 30, I cannot justify spending 9 weeks on a Drama Unit that only 1/3 of the students are really interested in so I have since substituted that unit with more engaging media art units.

Recently some students hit me up to host a Drama Club after school. It seemed like the perfect way to offer Drama to those who are genuinely interested in performance. So Glad They Asked Me! We are 20 students strong and have scheduled our first lunch performance on October 27th. This club seems to meet a need that hasn't been provided in a while and I hope to continue this club for years to come!